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Shure 515SBG-18X Microphone


The Shure 515SBG-18X is Cardioid Dynamic, Low Impedance, Push-to-Talk Switch, with 18-inch (45 cm) Gooseneck and A13HD Mounting Flange.
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Shure's 515SBG-18X microphones are low-impedance, dynamic mics mounted on flexible goosenecks. With optimized frequency response and a cardioid pickup pattern, these mics are ideal for language labs, paging applications, and base station communications. We also recommend them for talkback or cueing microphones in television, film and recording studios. The Shure 515SBG-18X retain their level and response characteristics even when you use long cables.

The Shure 515SBG-18X are supplied with a push-to-talk button and a four-conductor cable (two conductors shielded).

Shure 515SBG-18X Features Include:

  • Frequency response optimized for announcing, narration, and paging applications
  • Cardioid pickup pattern symmetrical about axis
  • Neodymium magnet for high signal-to-noise ratio
  • Shock-mounted cartridge for quiet operation and low stand/handling noise
  • Tough diecast locking grille and handle
  • Built-in push-to-talk button controls microphone circuit and relay or control circuit
  • 45.7 cm (18 in.) gooseneck and mounting flange supplied

Shure 515SBG-18X Microphone Specifications:


Frequency Response:
80Hz — 15kHz

Pickup Pattern

150 Ω

Shure 515SBG-18X User Guide (PDF)
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