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Sennheiser HDE 2020-D-II US Transmitter


The Sennheiser HDE 2020-D-II US is a Sennheiser TourGuide 2020 Stethophone receiver. Operates in the ISM band (926-928 MHz). Includes internal rechargeable battery.
List Price: $509.00
Sale Price: $399.95

The TourGuide transmitter Sennheiser HDE 2020-D-II US will allow you to deliver a highly professional guided tour. The HDE 2020-D-II US receiver fits comfortable in the wearer's ears like a doctor's stethoscope. The easy to use large dial on the front acts as a volume control for the headset. The built-in backlit display gives the user all the information they need. Even for those who are not hard of hearing, if you need your tour attendees to hear all of the important information, the TourGuide 2020 system with HDE 2020-D-II US is the absolute best way to deliver it.

Sennheiser HDE 2020-D-II US Highlights:

  • 6 channels in the license-free frequency range 926–928 MHz
  • Automatic on/off switch
  • Large rotary volume control
  • Backlit display shows:
    • Channel Selection
    • Battery Status
    • Signal Quality
    • Volume Setting

Delivery of the Sennheiser HDE 2020-D-II US Transmitter Includes:

  • HDE 2020-D-II US
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