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RDL TX-1W Music on Hold Amplifier


The RDL TX-1W is a music-on-hold amplifier designed for use where the telephone switching unit needs to be fed with music and voice signals.
List Price: $105.31
Sale Price: $88.33

The TX-1W is the ideal choice in on-site installations where the central telephone switching unit needs to be fed with music, voice or combined music/voice signals.

The TX-1W features a spectral response specifically characterized to match the broadest variations in telephone audio distribution, producing a lively, crisp, interesting sound without the annoying resonances and distortions prone to creating listener fatigue.

RDL TX-1W Highlights:

  • Feed Audio into Telephone Equipment Music‑on‑Hold Input
  • Adjustable Audio Level
  • Optimized Sound Quality
  • Unbalanced Output, up to 1 Watt
  • Balanced Transformer driver Output
  • Ultra Compact Size
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