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RDL STA-1 Dual Balanced/Unbalanced Line Amplifier


The STA‑1 is a dual-channel line-level preamplifier with bridging inputs, adjustable gain or loss, and low-impedance outputs.
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Sale Price: $160.51

The STA-1 includes two identical circuits, each of which are both an electronic line transformer and a line amplifier. Hook up the STA‑1 just like a pair of audio transformers with gain. True dc amplifiers produce unsurpassed audio clarity, high common‑mode rejection, ultra‑low distortion and low noise. The STA‑1 is perfect for most line amplification, impedance or balanced/unbalanced conversion.

RDL STA-1 Features:

  • Up to 20 dB Gain in an Audio Line
  • Conversion from Balanced to Unbalanced
  • Conversion from Unbalanced to Balanced
  • Conversion from High to Low Impedance
  • Conversion from Low to High Impedance
  • Bridge an Audio Line Feed
  • Precisely Match Audio Levels
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