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RDL RU-VDA4 NTSC/PAL Video Distribution Amplifier


The RU‑VDA4 is a video distribution amplifier and is the ideal choice in most applications where video signals need to be distributed.
List Price: $335.99
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The RU-VDA4 has two jacks in the input stage. One jack is for the input signal; the other is a loop through output of the source signal. The input stage is bridging. If 75 Ω termination of the input signal is required, the termination is plugged onto the LOOP OUT jack.

Gain is user adjustable from the front panel. The GAIN potentiometer allows adjustment from ‑1 dB to +7 dB.

RDL RU-VDA4 Features Include:

  • Video Distribution with 4 Outputs
  • Adjustable Gain Amplification
  • Input LOOP OUT Jack
  • Video 1 Volt Signal Indicator
  • 10 MHz Bandwidth, NTSC or PAL
  • 1/3‑Rack, High‑Density Rack Mounting