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Rane MS 1S Desktop Microphone Preamplifier


The Rane MS 1S Mic Stage preamplifier provides the answer when you need just one microphone input in an otherwise line-level world.
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With the Rane MS 1S, you go from either a dynamic, condenser or electret microphone to a line-level input with a minimum of noise, distortion, cost and hassle.

The Rane MS 1S features an improved maximum input and improved dynamic range specifications. The new design features the popular Burr-Brown mic preamp chip which boosts performance tremendously.

The MS 1S provides 48 V switchable Phantom Power with indicator LED, continuous rotary Gain trim between 20 dB and 66 dB, Signal/Overload LED, and XLR balanced Input & Output connectors. A Polarity switch and high-current cross-coupled output line driver round out the features.

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