Privacy Policy

At Pro Audio Superstore we value your privacy and protect it in every way we can. We know that trust is the basis of any relationship, business or otherwise. So we would like to take the time to explain what we do with any personal information that you provide.

IP Address & Cookies

As with most websites, our site uses cookies so as to remember you when you leave our site and return at a later time. The main purpose for this is so that if you place some items into your shopping cart, they will still be there as you browse around our site, as well as if you leave our site and return later.

Personal Information

The only personal information you'll be asked to give will be at the time of purchasing (check out). The point where you are asked to enter this personal information is encrypted and secure. Your order is then processed. NO ONE else sees or uses this information. We take great strides in making our web site secure from hackers and we GUARANTEE you will never lose any money just because you placed confidence in us and our web site!

Email Address

We NEVER sell e-mail addresses. The only reason we ask for yours when you check out is so that we can send you a confirmation email of your order and as an alternate method of contacting you if necessary. Occasionally we may send out a promotional sales email, but this is rare and you will always be offered a chance to stop receiving these.


If you ever have any questions about our privacy policy or anything else please feel free to contact us by email: or by phone 1-888-869-0770.

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