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Presonus StudioLive RM32AI Rack-Mounted Digital Mixing Console


The Presonus StudioLive RM32AI is the next evolutionary step in digital consoles. The RM32AI is fully integrated hardware & software digital mixing solution. The RM32AI itself is the rack-mounted brains of the system with 32 XLR inputs, 16 XLR mix outputs, 3 XLR main outputs, RCA input, 52x34 FireWire 800 recording interface, and 32 internal channels with extensive processing. Control is handled by the revolutionary UC-Surface™ touch control software on Mac, PC, or iPad.
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StudioLive RM32AI - A Revolutionary New Digital Mixing System

Based on the StudioLive™ AI-series engine and controlled with powerful, battle-ready UC-Surface touch software for Mac®, Windows®, and iOS®, the StudioLive RM32AI rack-mount digital mixer is scalable and compact. It provides 32 inputs with recallable XMAX™ Class A preamps, 16 line outs, and 3 main outs (left, right, and mono/center); 32 internal channels and 25 buses; a 52x34 FireWire 800 recording interface; 96 kHz operation; and extensive signal processing. Designed for live-sound mixing and studio recording, the RM32AI’s Active Integration™ technology includes direct Wi-Fi and Ethernet networking and tightly integrated Capture™ recording software with true Virtual Soundcheck mode and Studio One® Artist DAW for Mac and Windows, and a Nimbit® account for online music promotion and distribution.

Wireless Mixing From Anywhere in the Venue

Not every club or venue has an ideal mix position. Most of time, the sound guy is shoved in a corner or up in a balcony as an afterthought, not as a primary concern. The StudioLive RM32AI solves this by making the mixing position unattached the hardware. But more than that, now you don't have to worry that someone may mess with the mixer while you're mixing remotely. The mixer has no physical controls and is controlled 100% by the device you're using remotely. Now with just some simple wireless networking equipment, you can mix from anywhere in the venue with your Mac, PC, or iPad. Or perhaps you do have the perfect mixing location and you want to use a touchscreen to mix rather than a physical surface. You can do both with the RM32AI. The new Presonus UC-Surface software makes mixing easy and intuitive and all completely wireless.

UC Surface Control Software

Photo of the UC Surface software included with the Presonus StudioLive RM32AI.

The new UC Surface software included with the RM32AI makes mixing easy. Everything is laid out in a friendly, intuitive, and easy to navigate user interface. All settings, gain controls, and routing is recallable at the touch of a button. Everything from faders to EQ and dynamics controls are very straight forward and easy to understand. What's more, the software is exactly the same no matter what platform you're using. The interface is especially fun to use with a touchscreen system like an iPad or Windows 8 touchscreen computer.

Dedicated I/O

The RM32AI features an excellent assortment of I/O. All inputs are standard XLR with Presonus XMAX preamps. Main, Mono, and Mix outputs are all standard balanced XLR as well. The RM32AI also features an Aux/Tape RCA input, hardwired ethernet networking port and digital S/PDIF output as well.

Presonus StudioLive RM32AI Features Include:

Photo of the rear of the Presonus Studiolive RM32AI Digital Mixer.
  • Fully recallable mixer
  • 32 locking XLR inputs with recallable XMAX™ Class A mic preamps and +48V phantom power
  • 16 XLR line outputs on the front, mirrored on rear-panel DB25 jack
  • 3 XLR main outputs (left, right, mono) with analog trim pots
  • 32 LED meter grid
  • 32 internal channels
  • 25 mix buses
    • 16 aux mix buses
    • 3 main mix buses (left, right, mono)
    • 4 internal FX buses (2 reverb, 2 delay)
    • Stereo solo bus
  • Fat Channel signal processing on all input channels and all buses, with 4-band parametric EQ, compressor, gate, limiter, and more
  • 52x34 direct digital FireWire recording interface
  • UC-Surface™ battle-ready, live mixing and control software
    • Designed specifically for live sound mixing
    • Multiplatform support for Mac®, Windows®, and iPad®
    • Windows 8 multi-touch-compatible for large touchscreen mixing
    • Contextual-based navigation for quick, intuitive access to all mixing functions
  • Compatible with free QMix™-AI personal monitoring control app for iPhone®/iPod® touch
  • Complete solution: Includes Capture™ live-recording software and Studio One® Artist DAW for Mac and Windows, and Nimbit® account for online music promotion and distribution.
  • USB jack and included Wi-Fi LAN adapter provides wireless control
  • 2 FireWire S800 ports, 1 Ethernet control port, and S/PDIF digital output
  • Option card slot for future expansion, Thunderbolt, Dante, and AVB cards coming soon
  • Up to 96 kHz operation
  • Front-panel Mute All button temporarily mutes all inputs and outputs
  • Stereo tape input (RCA jacks)
  • Headphone output with volume knob and selectable source
  • +48V Meters button to display phantom power assignment on the meter grid
  • 1x1 MIDI interface
  • 4U rackmount
  • Extensive library of tutorials and downloads
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