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Paso Wireless Portable Sound Systems

The WPCS50 is a highly versatile Portable Sound System ideally suited for Multimedia Sound Applications, Sound Reinforcement and Entertainment. The numerous options, internal and external, allow to tailor a system that suits the individual requirement with maximum performance, intelligent flexibility and cost effectiveness. The WPCS50 basic model includes an installed 16 Channel Frequency Agile UHF Receiver Module and a Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone with 15 ft. cable. A second optional UHF Receiver Module (Model RM160U) may be Dealer installed for two UHF Microphones simultaneous operation. The rear panel provides space for Two Modules that can be used to mount either the CDM50 CD Player (1 Module) and the MP3M50 MP3 Recorder Player (1 Module) combined or the CPM50 Cassette Tape Player alone (occupies 2 Modules).