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Omnirax C2 Workstation


The Omnirax C2 is an audio/video work desk.


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Omnirax Studio Furniture is custom-built to order and shipped direct from Omnirax. Delivery lead time is typically 2-3 weeks. All orders will be verified before final order is placed. Orders cannot be cancelled after they are finalized. If you have questions about this product please contact us.

The Omnirax C2 workstation is an expanded version of the wildly popular Commander. The center section is stretched to accommodate those who require space for multiple video monitors. There are a total of 26 rack spaces all at your fingertips above the desk surface for the ultimate in keyboard composing, or as an expansive audio/video editing workstation.

The Omnirax C2 Workstation Features Include:

  • 8 rack spaces on each cabinet's top front are sloped at 9 degrees for excellent sight lines. The two cabinets are angled in, putting rack-mount modules within an easy reach
  • Two 5-space modules are within easy reach, centered just behind the controller
  • 10 rack spaces in the left cabinet's lower front (the top 4 are vertical, the next 6 are sloping), 6 sloping spaces and a sliding computer shelf in the lower right with 7.5"H x 19.125"W clearance for computer
  • 10 rack spaces in lower rear of left cabinet, and 6 in lower rear of right: for a total of 58 rack spaces
  • Monitor bridge is 49" wide in front, enabling positioning of two 21" monitors for editing (pictured with two 17" monitors)
  • Fully adjustable, sliding computer keyboard / mouse shelf mounts under the desk for comfortable extended sessions
  • On heavy duty casters for mobility and easy cabling

Omnirax C2 Workstation Specifications:

Desk Surface Height 27.4"
Desk Surface Dimensions 21.7"D x 62.5"W
Nearfield Monitor Height 45.4"
Video Monitor Shelf Width 49"W x 36.6H
Computer Keyboard Shelf Included

Model Height Depth Width Weight Rackspaces
C2 45.75" 43.4" 107.25" 320# 58