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Lexicon IO FW810s 8-Channel Firewire Recording Interface


The Lexicon I-O|FW810s is a flexible project studio FireWire recording interface in a 1U rackmountable chassis. This unit has 8 DBX low-noise mic preamps with onboard compression, limiting, gating, and EQ on every input for recording pure or processed 24-bit/96 kHz audio straight to your Mac or PC. Software bundle includes Cubase LE multitrack software and a classic hardware Lexicon reverb modeling plug-in, among others.
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Lexicon IO|FW810s

Lexicon and DBX, makers of quality recording studio hardware since the 1970s, teamed up to make the 8 in/10 out IO-FW810s complete project studio recording solution. This compact and rackmountable interface records up to eight simultaneous channels of digital audio at 24-bit / 96 kHZ directly into your FireWire-equipped Mac or PC. Compatible with all leading DAWs, including Pro Tools 9 & 10.

Complete Project Studio Recording Solution

The Lexicon FW810s combines eight DBX low-noise mic preamps with built-in compressors, limiters, noise gates, and EQs on every input for recording full drumsets or entire bands straight to tape with printed effects, reducing or eliminating the need for post processing. 48V phantom power is included on all channels to accommodate dynamic and condenser microphones. The two front-mounted combination jacks can be switched to Hi-Z mode for recording electric guitar or bass directly.

Photo of the Lexicon IO FW810s shown from the rear.

DBX Type IV™ Conversion

DBX Type IV tape saturation emulation softens overloaded signals to reduce the perceived amount of digital clipping. This technology helps to round out the sound of the occasionally-clipped snare drum, vocal phrase, or bass note.

Intuitive Software Control Panel w/ Software Suite

Lexicon’s console-modeled control panel layout provides familiar navigation and routing of headphone mixes and monitor reverbs (for tracking wet and recording dry). From this menu you can access the FW810s’s channel strips for remotely controlling each input’s compression, limiter, noise gate, and EQ. The free software bundle includes Cubase LE multitrack DAW, a Lexicon reverb plug-in with 6 classic hardware emulations, and 2 virtual instruments for drums and synthesizer to spark your creativity when the band isn’t around.

Overview of the Lexicon I-O|FW810s:

Photo of the Lexicon IO FW810s shown from an angle.
  • Rackmountable FireWire audio interface from Lexicon
  • Complete project studio recording solution
  • Records 8 channels concurrently for drums, full ensembles
  • Onboard compressor, limiter, noise gate, and EQ on 8 main inputs
  • (8) DBX low-noise mic preamps w/ 48V phantom power
  • (2) Hi-Z inputs for direct recording of electric guitar or bass (ch 1-2)
  • Combi-jacks accept XLR or ¼” TRS inputs (ch 1-8)
  • MIDI in/out
  • S/PDIF in/out
  • (10) Balanced stereo outputs for flexible monitoring & outboard routing
  • Zero latency monitoring
  • Quality digital converters for transparent 24-bit, 96kHz audio
  • Compatible with all major DAWS: Pro Tools 9 & 10, Nuendo, Ableton Live, & more
  • Intuitive software control panel—assign sub-mixes, adjust onboard FX remotely
  • Nine assignable DSP monitor reverbs
  • DBX Type IV conversion softens clipping artifacts
  • Includes software suite with 4 essential recording apps: Cubase LE multitrack software, Toontrack EZ
  • Drummer Lite VST instrument, Pantheon II Lexicon reverb plug-in, and XILS3 SE software synth
  • Mac OS X, Windows Vista/7/8
  • FireWire 400 protocol
  • Dimensions: 19.0” x 10.5” x 1.7”
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