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JBL LSR310S 10" Powered Studio Subwoofer


The JBL LSR310S powered studio sub has a 10" bottom-mounted woofer for tight, controlled, powerful bass to round out your mixing environment. Optimized for use with JBL 3 Series studio monitors. 200 watts.
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Powered Studio Subwoofer with Built-in Crossover

The LSR310S from JBL was designed to round out the sound of its 3 Series powered recording studio monitors: the acclaimed LSR305s and 308s. But this sub does a great a job of adding that low-end punch to any active speaker system, from your audiophile hi-fi to your $3,000 Adams monitors. 3 options for either internal or external crossovers make the LSR310S as turnkey or as customizable as you want it for accurate bass enhancement whatever your setup.

Clean Power from the Ground Up

The LSR sub is made from a non-wood, injection-molded enclosure with a 10" proprietary JBL speaker to keep sympathetic vibrations to a minimum. 200 watts of clean power reproduce bass frequencies all the way down to 27 Hz at 113 dB SPL.

I've Been Down-Fired, Baby

JBL mounts the 10" speaker in the bottom of its LSR310S for direct downward firing which, thanks to gravity, affords it a greater than ¾" excursion for a rich thump and creamy lows.

Optimized for Studio Use

Image of the JBL LSR310S shown from the rear.

There is an ethos today that says subwoofers shouldn't be used in a studio monitoring environment. And it stands to reason that audio/music written for mass consumption should be mixed to the reasonable lowest common denominator, which is usually bookshelf speakers. But for certain styles of music—radio rock, hip-hop, and electronic music—being able to monitor at the subaural level is crucial to the art form. The JBL LSR310S reproduces bass cleanly down to 27 Hz (rounding off altogether around 20 Hz) to make sure the audience hears every kick drum, chord stab, and wub-wub as you intended.

XLF Mode Helps Get Club-friendly Bass

XLF mode, one of the LSR310S's two internal crossover modes, boosts bass frequencies at 60 and 120 Hz to emulate the sound of a loud live environment. This can help you dial in that 808 kick just right where you know your mix is going to see club, radio, and live-venue exposure.

JBL LSR310S 10" Powered Studio Subwoofer at a Glance:

  • Powered subwoofer from JBL Pro Audio
  • Optimized for recording studio use
  • Complements JBL 3 Series powered speakers (LSR305, LSR308) or any other system
  • Great for music production, mastering, and sound-for-film
  • 10" down-firing speaker
  • Slip Stream front port delivers bass to your ears
  • Accurately reproduces sound down to 20 Hz
  • 200 watts RMS
  • 113 dB peak SPL
  • Highlights troublesome room modes and bass resonances in your mix
  • Helps get that radio-ready kick drum or bass guitar sound
  • Essential for electronic, house, and dubstep music production
  • 2 built-in crossover options (80 Hz, 120 Hz)
  • Can be used with an external crossover
  • XLF mode emulates the sound of a live club
  • Balanced XLR & ¼" inputs
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty
JBL LSR310S Technical Specifications
Speaker Type 10" High-Excursion, Down-Firing Subwoofer
Low Frequency Extension 27Hz
Max Peak SPL 113 dB
Amplifier Power 200 W Class D
Crossover Settings 80Hz, XLF, External
Inputs 2 x XLR, 2 x TRS Balanced
Outputs 2 x XLR
Maximum Peak Input Level +20.3 dBu
Dimensions (H x W x D) 17.65" x 15" x 15.65"
Net Weight 34.3 lbs.
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