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JBL EON 300 Series


EON changed the way people looked at portable PA well over ten years ago as the all-purpose solution for instant sound reinforcement no matter where you are. And now, EON300 series speakers puts the next generation of EON systems within reach of an even broader range of users, delivering the fundamental elements that make a speaker system an EON at an even more affordable price.


EON300 series loudspeakers are the result of ground-up design and engineering integration of all the necessary components needed for a portable system. All electro-acoustic components have been specifically designed to work together in a highly optimized manner not only increasing performance levels but also reliability. The efficiencies of design have also reached the construction of the systems making them more robust than ever. Through cutting edge mechanical design and expertise in materials the EON300 series loudspeakers are not only as compact as they possibly can be but are significantly less weight than competitive models, the fundamental key to high performance portability.