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Gator Shock Racks


Gator Shock Racks are ATA Molded PE Shock Rack w/ Rubber Shock Suspension.

The Gator Shock Racks, which have a 20.5" rackable depth are molded from the incredibly durable high-density military grade Polyethylene. This lightweight yet super strong material insures maximum protection at a weight you can easily handle.

In addition, Gator has another exclusive a moveable rear support system! Also exclusive to the Gator racks are locking front and rear lids. The ridges on the top and bottom make these cases universally stackable with both Gator racks and those of other manufacturers who construct their product in accordance with E.I.A. specifications.

  • G-Shock 4L - 4U Polyethylene Shock Rack Case
  • G-Shock 8L - 8U Polyethylene Shock Rack Case
  • G-Shock 12L - 12U Polyethylene Shock Rack Case
  • G-Shock 16L - 16U Polyethylene Shock Rack Case