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Gator Roller Racks


Gator Roller Racks are Molded PE Rack Case; Front, Rear Rails; Locking, Pull Handle, Recessed Wheels.

The Gator Roller Racks are the original cases with built-in wheels and pull out handles. The best part is that the wheels do not interfere with the universal stack ability of these racks! The pull out handle has a locking mechanism to hold the handle firmly in place when in the extended position. Another example of Gator building user-friendly products at an affordable price!

  • GRR-4L - 4U Polyethylene Roller Rack
  • GRR-6L - 6U Polyethylene Roller Rack
  • GRR-8L - 8U Polyethylene Roller Rack
  • GRR-10L - 10U Polyethylene Roller Rack