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Gator Console Racks


Gator Console Racks are ATA Molded PE Pop-Up Console Racks.

Get the rack mount space you need in a more compact, easily movable case with Gator's new line of console racks. The top 19-inch rack rail is slanted for easy use with mixers. The bottom, front and rear load have threaded rack rails. Sloped side handles make these cases easy on the hands and the large durable latches make set-up quick and easy.

  • GRC-10X8- 10U slant top, 8U front and 10U rear
  • GRC-10X6- 10U slant top, 6U front and 10U rear
  • GRC-10X4- 10U slant top, 4U front and 10U rear
  • GRC-6X4- 6U slant top, 4U front and 6U rear
  • GRC-6X2- 6U slant top, 2U front and 4U rear
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