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Furman SP-20AB Amplifier


The Furman SP-20AB Stereo Power Amplifier is a unique and economical 20 watt per channel stereo amplifier provided the load is 8 ohms.
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The Furman SP-20AB Stereo Power Amplifier is a unique and economical 20 watt per channel stereo amplifier. Its toroidal transformer delivers ultra-quiet performance, making it ideal for recording studio applications. The SP-20AB may be operated in any of three modes as selected by a rear-panel switch: normal stereo, two channel mono, or single channel (bridged) mono. The latter mode allows a power output of 40 watts provided the load is 8 or more ohms.

The SP-20AB is housed in a compact, half rack chassis, allowing it to be mounted either alone or side by side with other SP-20AB's in a 19" rack. Mounting kits are available from Furman.

The SP-20AB's output is available through either of two connectors: standard banana jack binding posts for speakers, or through a male XLR connector.


  • Model SP-20AB: Provides balanced inputs with XLR connectors in place of 1/4" phone inputs.
  • Rack Mounting Kits: Adaptor kits for mounting one SP-20A centered in a 19" rack (HRKIT-1), or two SP-20AB's side by side in a 19" rack (HRKIT-2).
  • Accessory: Model HR-2 Headphone Remote Station: A compact, unobtrusive box that clamps to a mike stand or belt, providing two headphone jacks, each with its own volume control. Any number of HR-2 stations may be connected to an SP-20AB using standard microphone cables. Comes with snap-on, snap-off mike stand clamp. Click here for a picture and description of the HR-2 Headphone Remote Station.

Furman SP-20AB Features Include:

  • 20 watts per channel in stereo mode
  • Toroidal transformer for ultra-quiet performance
  • May be bridged for 40 watt mono operation (requires load of 8 or more ohms)
  • Front panel headphone jack with volume control
  • Ideal for small speakers or headphone system
  • Speaker on-off switch
  • Overload and signal-present LED's for each channel
  • Power-on indicator
  • Ground lift switch
  • Provision for remotely located headphone volume controls

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