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Furman P-1800 PF R Power Conditioner


The Furman P-1800 PF R is a power conditioner that provides stable, protected and filtered low-impedance power supply for amplifiers and other high-current equipment.
Sale Price: $849.95

Engineered specifically for use with instrument amplifiers and other high-current equipment, the Furman P-1800 PF R offers a stable, protected and filtered low impedance powered supply for maximum performance of connected electronics.

The P-1800 PF R includes exclusive Power Factor Technology that provides a 45A peak current reservoir to give your amp the headroom it needs to operate at maximum efficiency.

Clear Tone Technology

Clear Tone Technology works in unison with Power Factor Technology and Linear Filtering Technology to add an additional layer of AC noise filtration specifically engineered for instrument amplifiers. Clear Tone Technology provides tuned circuits that unveil instrument tone, harmonics, and clarity, resulting in a fuller sound and improved dynamic response.

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