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Custom Sound Systems

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One of the most common requests we receive from customers is high-quality portable sound. If you've been tasked with finding a high-quality portable sound system, our Custom Built Portable Sound Systems are the perfect solution. For a free quote on the sound system that is perfectly suited to you, give us a call at 888-869-0770 or e-mail us.

Professional Experience Makes All The Difference

We have 50+ years of experience in building custom sound systems to meet the needs of our customers. After a brief discussion with you, we will design a custom system designed to meet your audio needs and you budget. If you are unsure of what exactly is needed, just describe your application and we can help you figure out what components are needed (as well as which ones are not). All your amplification and mixing needs in one complete package with all the required components, labor and shipping included. No surprise charges!

Optimum performance and setup simplicity are our top priorities. We design, build, test, crate and ship the completed system straight to you. Our goal is for setup to be as simple as possible. In many cases, the user only needs to plug in power, maybe a mic or two, turn the volume up and start using.

Contact us today for a quote on a custom system to meet your needs and your budget! 

Examples Of Custom Built Systems

System Example #1

Photo of Custom Sound System Example #1.

This system included an Allen & Heath mixer on top, Denon CD/DVD player, three Sennheiser wireless mics, connections for five additional wired mics, a utility drawer to hold accessories, an Electro-Voice power amp and two ElectroVoice Tour-X 1152 loudspeakers.

Alternate photo of Custom Sound System Example #1.

Setup consisted of plugging in power, placing speakers on the stands, and plugging speaker connectors to the back of the amplifier. SIMPLE AS THAT!

System Example #2

Photo of Custom Sound System Example #2.

This is a portable system similar to the one above, except it included ten wireless mics, a CD/Tape player, Bose processing and a Crown power amp. Two Bose 802 speakers were then connected. Inputs were controlled from a Soundcraft mixing board on the top of the rack.

Alternate photo of Custom Sound System Example #2.

System Example #3

Photo of Custom Sound System Example #3.

This wireless mic system was installed into a chapel. It consists of eleven wireless receivers, all combined to run off just two antennas! This system was entirely assembled by our technicians in house and then shipped directly to the house of worship. When the chapel received the system, all that was needed was to connect four wires between the two racks, plug in a few power supplies and connect the mic wires to their existing mixer.



System Example #4

Photo of Custom Sound System Example #4. Alternate photo of Custom Sound System Example #4.

This portable wireless microphone system was designed so the customer could transport and use the same wireless system in different venues. The microphones and transmitters were stored in drawer designed to protect them during transit. Setup simply required plugging into AC power and then connecting the receivers to whatever mixer was supplied at the venue. A custom connector panel was added on the bottom of the rack to make setup even easier. 


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