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Auralex Sonoflat Panels


Auralex's Sonoflat 112 and Sonoflat 184 acoustic room control systems are designed for all-inclusive treatments with architectural styling.

The SonoFlat System offers all the great advantages of Studiofoam such as performance and longevity, and also provides you with a multitude of design possibilities for home theaters, recording studios, and other critical listening environments.

Choose from two models: the SFS-184 and SFS-112. Each are acoustically-engineered to provide accurate sound in small and medium sized rooms.

SFS-112 Specifications

The SFS-112 is best suited for rooms that do not need diffusion. One or two of the SFS-112's are perfect for smaller rooms. The SFS-112 offers a very economical way to get great, accurate acoustics, and provide a design that looks like other, more expensive alternatives.


  • 24 Two inch Sonoflat Panels (Charcoal, Burgundy or Purple) with a 96sq. ft. coverage
  • 4 SonoColumns (charcoal only) with 16sq. ft. coverage
  • 4 SonoCollars (cahrcoal only)
  • 5 TubeTank Pro Adhesives

SFS-184 Specifications

The SFS-184 includes 128 square feet of SonoFlat Panels, 8 SonoColumns, and 6 Q-Fusor diffusors. The SFS-184 is best used in rooms that have at least one dimension greater than 12'. One or two SFS-184 Systems will provide outstanding acoustics in rooms up to 400sq. ft. and provide all of the components necessary for a multitude of decorating alternatives.


  • 32 two inch SonoFlat Panels (Charcoal, Burgundy, or Purple)
  • 8 32sq. ft. SonoColumns (Charcoal only)
  • 8 SonoCollars (Charcoal only)
  • 6 24sq. ft. Q'Fusor Diffusors (water-based paintable)
  • 12 TubeTak Pro Adhesives