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Auralex Deluxe Plus Roominator


The Auralex Deluxe Plus Roominator is designed to imporove room sound and offer excellent acoustical control.
List Price: $1,099.99
Sale Price: $934.99

Take the guesswork out of acoustics and with Auralex's easy and affordable room kits that help to improve your sound. The Roominator Deluxe Plus is an acoustical control kit that can easily tame the sound problems many people run up against in commonly-sized rooms. With Roominators, everyone from the novice to the pro can sound their formulas, no mumbo jumbo, no physics required!

The Deluxe Plus Kit is designed primarily for rooms with a floor square footage of 100-250 ft/sq. The shortest room dimension should be 10-14 feet.

The Auralex Roominator Deluxe Plus Kit Includes

  • 24 Studiofoam 2'x2'x2" Wedge Panels
  • 8 LENRD Bass Traps
  • 6 T'Fusor 3D Sound Diffusors
  • 5 TubeTak Pro Adhesives