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Auralex D36-DST Roominator


The Auralex D36 is part of the DST acoustical room control system and spans a wide variety of applications.
List Price: $189.99
Sale Price: $169.99

Roominator-DST Kits span a wide variety of applications.

Perfect for spot treatment and boasting that designer look. The Roominators D36 acoustic sound control kit offers you a starting point to reduce unwanted slap and flutter echo in your room. Think of all the creative possibilities these kits afford you as you begin to tune your room.

The Auralex D36-DST Includes

  • 18 Charcoal Gray DST-112 Panels
  • 18 DST-114 panels in your choice of 4 colors (charcoal gray, purple, burgundy, or blue)
  • 2 TubeTak Pro Adhesives