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Anchor Audio Portacom

PortaCom Wired Intercom - The PortaCom is a flexible, high-performance wired intercom system that is built to be easy to setup and operate. It is a high-performance two channel, full duplex intercom that is flexible for multiple applications

AT LAST... a two-channel, high performance, rugged and durable intercom system that any intercom user can afford and easily operate. THAT'S RIGHT... a high performance system at a very low price.

PORTACOM meets production communication needs, whether in cable access television production, theater, video and film production, churches, sporting communications, sound contracting, or industrial applications. PORTACOM is a two-channel wired intercom system, consisting of a central power supply, belt packs (featuring call light button, mic on/off button, A/B channel select and volume control), standard mic cables, and dual or single noise canceling headsets. Available in complete systems or separate units, PORTACOM offers up to a twenty-headset capability with a simple branch-box operation and is AC/DC powered. The system can be rack-mounted or easily transported in its own carrying case.

6 Year Warranty... The longest warranty in the industry.