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Allen & Heath ZED-14 Live & Recording Mixer


The Allen & Heath ZED-14FX is a 14 into 2 Channel Live/Recording Analog Mixer w/8 high-gain mic preamps, 4 stereo line-level inputs, 4 Aux Outputs, and USB I/O. Allen & Heath ZED series mixers are well built and sound great!
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A Versatile Small Format Mixer, The Allen & Heath ZED-14 Sounds Great!

Designed for both live sound and recording applications. The Allen & Heath ZED-14 incorporates tons of great features to offer a true dual purpose mixer. 3-Band swept mid-EQ, Phantom power and USB connectivity are included features as well as 100mm pro faders as expected from Allen & Heath. All ZED mixers include Sonar LE, a software based recording program which integrates through the USB I/O port.

Rugged Build Quality

The ZED-14 also features Allen & Heath's legendary build quality. Each channel strip is an individual circuit board mounted to the chassis. Each potentiometer is secured with a nut. This makes the ZED-14 extremely easy to repair in the very rare event something would ever go wrong.

USB Connectivity

The digital USB I/O is virtually plug and play. It is a class-compliant device on both Mac and PC. No driver installation is necessary. Once connected, just select the mixer as your audio I/O device in your OS and you're done! The ZED-14's USB output can be configured to receive the Main output mix, Aux 1&2, or Aux 3&4. This is handy when you need to send a dedicated mix for recording to the computer.

Versatile EQ

Each of the first 6 mic/line inputs feature a 3-band EQ section and a 100Hz High-Pass Filter. The high frequency equalizer is a shelving filter with a corner frequency of 12kHz for removing or adding a little high sheen. The incredibly useful mid-band equalizer is sweepable from 120Hz to 4kHz, great for cutting out the mud, or giving vocals a little presence. The low frequency equalizer is an 80Hz shelving filter, great for removing stage rumble, or adding thumb to a kick drum or bass.

The ZED-14's four stereo channels feature a 2-band EQ using the same high and low shelving filters that are on the mono inputs.

DuoPre™ Mic PreAmps

A whopping 69db of usable warm gain is on tap using Allen & Heath's two-stage mic preamp design. Most of the gain is provided from the first stage of the design to keep noise to a minimum. Line level sources only go through the second stage, further reducing sources of noise.

Allen & Heath ZED-14 FEATURES :

  • 6 XLR & 1'4" Balanced Inputs
  • 4 Stereo Channel Inputs
  • Inserts on all mono inputs
  • 3-Band EQ with swept Mids
  • 4 Aux sends
  • USB I/O with FREE Cakewalk Sonar LE
  • 100mm smooth action faders
  • Rack Mountable
  • DuoPre dual stage preamp

Allen & Heath ZED-14 Technical Specifications

Microphone Input Gain Range:

Stereo Line Input Gain Range:
-∞ to +10dB

Main Output Operating Level:
0dBu nominal, +21dBu max

Mic Input Frequency Response:
20Hz to 20kHz

Line Input Frequency Response:
10Hz to 30kHz

Mic Input THD:
0.014% @ 30dB gain, 1kHz

Line Input THD:
0.005% @ 0dB gain, 1kHz

USB 1.1 compliant 16-bit

USB Sampling Rate:
32, 44.1 or 48kHz

15.2"W x 3.86"H x 18.3"D

Shipping Weight:
23.1 lb.

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