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Allen & Heath ZED60-10FX Audio Mixer


The Allen & Heath ZED60-10FX is a small portable 10-channel mixer for both live and studio use. The ZED60-10FX features 60mm faders and USB I/O.
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Allen & Heath ZED60-10FX — Small Format Mixing at its Finest

The Allen & Heath ZED series mixers have already established themselves as reliable, rugged, and great sounding mixers. The new ZED60-10FX is designed for the small-format mixing market. When you only need a few mic inputs and maybe a couple of line inputs for stereo sources, the ZED60-10FX is a perfect choice.


The ZED60-10FX is great for live mixing as well as recording in a home studio. For simple live sound needs, the ZED60-10FX gives you great sound mix preamps with 3-band EQ, stereo inputs with 2-band EQ and even two FET (Field Effect Transistor) based Guitar/Hi-Z inputs plugging your guitar or bass straight into the PA. The ZED60-10FX also has an incredibly music digital effects processor with reverbs, delays, flanger, and chorus effects. For recording, the ZED60-10FX has a USB I/O that can send high-quality 16-bit 48kHz audio both in and out of the computer. Great for tracking purposes as well as quick band rehearsal recordings.

Mic/Line Pre-amps

The mic preamps in the ZED60-10FX are based on the pre-amps from the Allen & Heath MixWizard series. They provide up to 60dB of usable gain, have extremely low noise, good linearity, and just sound awesome.

Guitar/Hi-Z Inputs

Two of the microphone inputs also feature ultra high impedance Class a FET based inputs for guitar or instrument inputs. The FET (Field Effect Transistor) does a fantastic job of warming up the sound due to its emulation of old valve/tube circuitry found in guitar and bass amplifiers.

Image of the EQ section on the Allen & Heath ZED series mixers.

Highly Musical EQ

The ZED60-10FX microphone inputs feature a 3-band equalizer. Each band is capable of ± 15dB of boost or cut. The low frequency band is a shelving filter fixed at a corner frequency of 80Hz. The Mid band is a sweepable bell filter with a frequency range between 120Hz and 4kHz. The high frequency band is a shelving filter with a corner frequency of 12kHz. In addition to the 3-band EQ, each mono mic input includes a High-Pass Filter at 100Hz for getting rid of low-end mud.

The stereo input channels each feature a 2-band EQ with the same High and Low shelving filters as the microphone inputs

High Quality Effects Processor

The Allen & Heath ZED60-10FX has a professional quality effects processor built in which uses our own effects algorithms. The effects range from classic reverbs, cascaded delay plus reverbs to shimmering flanger & chorus ef- fects. The different effects types are selected with a simple up/down button interface and the tempo of the delay settings can be set using the TAP button. Holding the TAP button allows the parameters of the effects to be adjusted. The audio signal to the DSP is converted using 24 bit high dynamic range converters running at 48kHz sample rate, ensuring low noise, low distortion, transparent effects.


Getting audio to and from a computer easily is now a common requirement for live sound and music production. The ZED60-10FX USB implementation is super-flexible and super -easy! No longer do you need to fiddle around the back of your computer to get to the soundcard inputs, only to find that the levels are all wrong and noisy. Just plug in a USB lead to your ZED, select the USB routing on the mixer and the device on your computer and thatís it! CD quality audio to and from your PC or MAC.

Allen & Heath ZED60-10FX Technical Specifications

Mic Input Frequency Response:
10Hz — 30kHz

Line Input Frequency Response:
10Hz — 25kHz

Mic Input THD
0.01% @ 30dB gain @ 1kHz

Line Input THD
0.003% @ 0dB gain @ 1kHz

USB 1.1 16-bit

USB Audio Sample Rate
32, 44.1 or 48kHz

13.2"W x 3.7"H x 13.6"D

Shipping Weight:
9.7 lb

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