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ACI-Applicad TIF-102 Single Channel Telephone Interface


The ACI-Applicad TIF102 is a single line telephone interface that connects any audio feed into a telephone line with the option of the listener commenting back to the original location/source.
List Price: $420.00
Sale Price: $315.00

The TIF-102 Telephone Interface extends listening to, and participating in, any meeting over regular phone lines. Microprocessor control provides easy operation. The TIF-102 appears as an ordinary telephone set to your phone line, thus itís as easy to install as a telephone. Your Telephone Interface can make a real difference for a participant who cannot be present, and itís built to last.

The ACI-Applicad TIF-102 Features & Benefits Include:

  • Two-Way Operation
  • Recognition Request with relay output
  • Phone Line Release
  • Dual-Processor Control System
  • LED Indicators
  • Compression
  • Compress Output for external FM Transmitter
  • New! 18 Pole, 3.8KHz Digital Filter ≠ Best possible sound quality over a phone line
  • FCC Approval
  • Phone Line Protection
  • Receive-only mode

Rear Image:

Image of the rear of the TIF-102 telephone interface.