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Shure DFR22 Processor


The Shure DFR22 has quickly become the industry standard for effective feedback reduction.
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Sale Price: $625.00

The Shure DFR22 Difference.

Maximize system stability and sound integrity with Shure's DFR22. This processor features enhancements to Shure's patented Adaptive Notch Filter Algorithm and includes single-channel and stereo processing blocks. Get up to 16 precision notch filters to automatically seek out and reduce feedback and because the widths are between 1/10 and 1/70 of an octave, the filters will only affect the problem frequencies.

The DFR22 also features Auto Clear mode to remove dynamic filters and restore the DFR to your ideally-tuned configuration after a specified amount of time.

Shure DFR22 Processors include:

  • DFR Automatic Feedback Reduction
  • Parametric and Graphic Equalizers
  • Cut/Shelf Equalizer
  • Compressors/Limiters
  • Automatic Gain Control
  • Gate/Downward Expander
  • Ducker
  • 2-Way Crossover
  • Subwoofer Processor
  • Splitter
  • Delay Processors
  • 2x2 Matrix Mixer

Flexible. Customizable. Configurable

You can apply processing blocks in any order and you can link processors for more efficient global control. In addition, copy and paste processing blocks to any input or output to duplicate processors across multilple channels.

The DFR22 allows you to design the entire system, save to disk and load it at your job site for easy setup. You'll also be able to make real-time design changes if you need to add, subtract or change processing blocks when you tune the system.

With the DFR22, setup is a breeze and you get the best possible customized processor for your application.

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