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Shure 515SBGX Microphone


The Shure 515SBGX is cardiod dynamic, low Z, intended for gooseneck mounting, equipped with a push-to-talk switch and an attatched cable.
List Price: $86.00
Sale Price: $68.00

The Shure 515SBGX is your low-cost, all-purpose microphone solution. It's available with multiple features for use in a variety of sound reinforcement applications. The Shure 515SBGX is designed with an all-metal screen/grille and a shock mount to reduce handling noise pickup. This heavy duty microphone has a cardioid pickup pattern and a frequency response from 80 to 13,000 Hz.

Shure 515SBGX Microphone Specifications:


Frequency Response:
80Hz — 15kHz

Pickup Pattern

150 Ω

Shure 515SBGX User Guide (PDF)
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