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Rane DA 216S Distribution Amplifier


The Rane DA 216S is a two-input, sixteen-output splitter/distribution amplifier.
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The Rane DA 216S is capable of providing sixteen discrete balanced outputs from one or two balanced mic-level or line-level inputs. The level of each output is individually adjusted via one of the sixteen screwdriver Output Level controls on the front panel.

The Input Gain pushbutton switches provide a microphone input with +60 or +40 dB of gain, or a line input with +20 or 0 dB of gain. With Input Gain, Master Levels and Output Levels, any reasonable input signal may be adjusted to a nominal +4 dBu and still have 17 dB of headroom. The Phantom Power switch provides +15 VDC for condenser microphones. Any input assigned to line-level has this phantom voltage turned off automatically. A rear-panel LED indicates when the Phantom Power is engaged.

Each output stage incorporates a high-current balanced output line driver for driving long lines with optimal performance.

  • 2 balanced switchable mic/line inputs with 15V phantom power
  • 16 cross-coupled balanced individually assignable outputs
  • Individual master input and output level controls
  • Balanced screw terminal connectors

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