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Rane AD 22S Delay Processor


The Rane AD 22D is a fully balanced two Input, two Output audio alignment Delay providing a range of 1.50 to 999.99 milliseconds on each Output.
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The delay of each output on the Rane AD 22D is independently adjustable in 10 microsecond and 1 millisecond increments. 24-bit audio converters provide excellent sound quality.

The AD 22d features XLR Inputs and Outputs, and is CE certified for emissions. Housed in a single rack space, the unit can operate as two independent channels (dual mono), or as a stereo pair (edit both channels simultaneously).

The AD 22d is a unity gain device with Sensitivity controls to provide proper internal levels for the audio converters. If the input signal is nominally +4 dBu, set the Sensitivity control fully counter clockwise (+4 dBu). For those unable to touch a cable and determine its signal level, Signal present and Clip indicators provide visual acknowledgment that the Input signal is within optimal range.

Powered from a low voltage UL listed and CSA certified remote power supply (230 VAC supply meets LVD 73/23/EEC), the AD 22d is exempt from safety agency requirements, and may be used in any installation mandating agency compliance.

  • 2 channel digital delay, 999.99 ms maximum per channel
  • Displays delay in milliseconds, feet, or meters
  • Remote contact closure preset recall with optional front panel lockout
  • Balanced XLR connectors

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