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Furman POWERLINK Remote Sequencer


The Furman POWERLINK is a compact, low-cost rackmount remote sequencer.
List Price: $480.00
Sale Price: $399.95

The Furman PowerLink is a compact, low-cost rackmount Remote Sequencer that provides timing and switching for up to six power control devices, turning them on and off in a preset sequence. The power-down sequence is opposite to the power-up sequence - the last device to be turned on will be the first turned off, etc.

A PowerLink is intended to work with a group of relay-controlled power outlets such as Furman MiniPorts, to create a very flexible power control system that can expand to handle as many circuits carrying as much current as needed.

Furman POWERLINK Features Include:

  • Combines with up to six power control devices to make a complete system to provide power-up and power-down sequencing
  • Actual PowerLink "outputs" are electrically isolated, normally-closed or normally-open relay contacts
  • Each control output has a front panel status indicator
  • Each control output has a three position switch allowing each connected device to be part of the sequence, or to be switched on or off independently
  • On or off sequence can be initiated from the unit or remotely, using low voltage control wires
  • Front panel key switch for security
  • Compact single rack space package
  • Three unswitched AC convenience outlets -- two on the rear and one on the front
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