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Furman AR1215 Voltage Regulator

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The Furman AR1215 is a 15 amp AR-1215 AC line voltage regulator.
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The 15 amp Furman AR1215 AC Line Voltage Regulator is intended to protect audio, video, computer and other electronic equipment from problems caused by AC line voltage irregularities-sags, brownouts, or over-voltages that can cause sensitive digital equipment to malfunction, or, in extreme cases, to sustain damage. The AR-1215 is designed to provide a steady, stable 120 VAC output. It accepts any input voltage from 97V to 141V and transforms it to a constant 120V, ±5V. 

Furman AR-1215 FEATURES

  • Delivers a stable 120 ±5 VAC whenever the input AC line voltage is between 97V and 141V
  • Eight outlets on the back panel, one on the front
  • Output capacity 15 amps
  • Eight-tap toroidal autoformer
  • 10-LED bar-graph Input Voltage meter
  • Extreme overvoltage/undervoltage causes instant shutdown, protecting equipment
  • Extreme Voltage Shutdown indicator LED
  • Output In Regulation indicator
  • Low stray magnetic field leakage
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