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Bogen C10 Mixer Amplifier

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The Bogen C10 is a 10W Classic Series Mixer Amplifier.
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Sale Price: $109.46

The Classic Series C10 and C20 are rated at 10 and 20 watts respectively. Both models are available with a music on hold output (Models C10MOH & C20MOH).

The amplifiers mix 3 inputs: 2 Mic and Tel, or 1 Mic, 1 Aux and Tel. Each input has its own volume control; a treble control is included to adjust the tonal balance of the output. The Tel channel includes screwdriver adjustable mute threshold (VOX) and volume controls.

Balanced and unbalanced outputs are provided for 4, 8, and 16 speaker systems and for 25 volt and 70 volt constant voltage systems. The C10MOH and C20MOH versions include a Music-On-Hold output from the Aux input source.

Bogen C10 Features Include:

  • Balanced low-impedance microphone inputs; high impedance auxiliary input
  • Mic 1 precedence over Aux with customer-supplied switch
  • Tel input with signal activated muting of Aux channel
  • Input matching to a telephone line with accessory transformer
  • Available with MOH output
  • UL and CSA listed
  • C10(MOH) & C20(MOH) have 10W and 20W output power, respectively
  • Transformer isolated 4 , 8 , 16 , 25V and 70V output taps
  • Rear panel auxiliary receptacle
  • One dedicated MIC 1 input Lo-Z balanced
  • One switchable MIC 2/Aux 1 input
  • Contact muting of Aux input
  • Transformer-isolated 600 telephone paging input
  • Separate rear panel-mounted TEL volume control
  • Voice activated muting of Aux input by Tel input
  • Variable trigger threshold for voice activation
  • MOH models provide 1W @ 8 and 1V @ 600 outputs of Aux input (only for telephone music-on-hold inputs)
  • Optional wall mount kit
  • Optional impedance matching transformer
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