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Pro Audio Superstore is your online and offline pro audio equipment, advice, and education source. From home studio recording equipment to wireless microphones to mixers and amps, to complete portable sound systems, office PA products and much more, Pro Audio Superstore has what you need. What makes ProAudioSuperstore different you ask? Well, instead of offering you every single product in the industry, we have narrowed our selection down to what works, and works well. Also, when you talk to someone at ProAudioSuperstore, you'll be talking to an audio professional, not just an order taker. Many of our products offer free shipping too!

These days, when you're in the market for Pro Audio equipment, the choices are almost endless. The internet has become saturated with companies all selling the same products, at the same advertised pricing set by the manufacturers. So where do you choose to shop? One of the big companies that just want to sell you something, no matter if it solves your problem or not?

We think a little different. ProAudioSuperstore sell solutions, not products. When you need a piece of pro audio equipment, you need it to help solve a problem you're having. If it's getting the right microphone for your application or you just need advice on how to record something, we're here to help. When you call Pro Audio Superstore, our professional staff will do their best to listen first, then suggest a solution that best fits your needs. Yes, even if that means the solution isn't even something we can supply. We'll at least point you in the right direction. When you shop with us, we know you'll come back!